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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Originally Posted by MMSS View Post
I watched Mad Men recently and whilst I really enjoyed it and feel like it got better as it went on it never really did anything to draw me into wanting to watch the next episode. I can't imagine sticking with it season after season week after week despite it really enjoying it.

6FU is great but has it's problems. I agree that the episodic story arcs can feel a little forced and I just find some of the characters a bit messy overall. I also think it has the most over-rated finale of any TV show ever the more I think about it.

Watching Dead to me at the moment and mid way through season 2 I think it's run it's course and now the characters are just repeating stuff.

Obligatory watch "you're the worst" because it's possibly my favourite show ever. Which is actually the best ending to a tv show ever.

I also realise that I really miss watching Louie that was great, some of the little 2-3 episode stories were so good.
High Five fellow YTW lover. Its also my favorite all time show right now.
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