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Re: Australian Sports Thread (AFL, NRL)

I took the Knights at 8.5, would probably pass the current 7.5 line though. I think the Raiders probably win, but that the Knights will make a game for it and cover more often than not and yeah, might actually win if they play as well as last week. Their line to make the finals at -105 or so seems like a steal i'm just never a fan of tying up cash for months for a tiny ROI

As a Titans fan yeah, they'll win a game eventually but -250ish is probably fine for the Tigers assuming you got about that. Not gonna play it prob to cheer for the Titans as a fan, but it's the right side imo

Storm aren't safe by any means but I do have them in a parlay at -222 with the Roosters from earlier in the week that I didn't post in thread so do have a small play there assuming the Roosters win tonight (not counting it for the thread as -222 not available atm and I bet it in a parlay not straight)

Line's gonna close back at about 10 for the Roosters after getting out to 12.5 before Tedesco got sick today, but I think they still win by a dozen or so on average and will blow them out a decent amount of the time

Kinda regret not getting Manly at +4 seems like they'll probably close at +2 which is about fair but oh well

Let's go Roosters get us off to a good start for the weekend. Pretty sick they can lose the literal MVP from last season on game day and still will close at a shorter price than I paid a few days ago for them. Also pretty sick that they're obvious salary cap cheats when they can casually pull an England international winger in to replace him who doesn't even normally make their starting side.

Market has Roosters at -340 now, think they probably close at like -320 after random donks see Tedesco out and hit the Broncos even though their side is still complete garbage with tons of key players out and the Roosters should roll them even without their star fullback
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