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Re: Australian Sports Thread (AFL, NRL)

If you need a way to watch aus sport lmk via PM or whatever will help out

Tedesco is probably out for the Roosters npw has a fever, hes our star fullback. So that sucks, we're still on the right side but its gonna close at like -333 to -350 now instead of -500 probably

That said they have Hall or Aubusson to bring in for him so their back line will still crush, just move Manu to fullback and bring one of the others into the backline

I guess I cursed it bragging about how far I was crushing the line by line got out to -12.5 gonna head back to 8.5 or 10 now due to Tedesco being out

Still expect the Roosters to dominate but that was literally the worst thing that could have happened and we're still gonna beat closing line so there's that
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