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Re: 2021 WSOP Circuit:

The $650 a stop is just what I am budgeting to loose for Poker. I have a much larger budget but I would get killed if I spent more than that on gambling. It was already hard enough to talk my partner into agreeing to everything we have planned. Any time I cash out my budget will increase by that amount.

I am planning on 0 cashes and a beer or two thrown in my face. A drunk man getting sick on me and my partner falling in love with a clown. When none of that happens I will be happy and consider myself lucky. Cashing once in awhile, getting a drunk girl to kiss me, and my partner falling in love with said drunk girl and us three living happily ever after. I just am not planning on it.

I was picking the WSOP-c because we wanted to create a blog centered around it. It will be split into 3 parts.
1: The Casino and poker series. This includes other lodging available in area at different price points.

2: Food. We love dining out and finding hidden gems of restaurants. We drive at least 100 miles (round trip) once a week just to find a new place to try. My favorite pizza place is 150 miles away (round trip) and I go there at least once a month. Our food budget will be $1500.

3: Site seeing and attractions. Even if we do not get a chance to try it out we are going to dig as deep as possible trying to find facts and information about it to put in the blog.

Even if the blog does not do well it will be used as a photo book and a way for our families/friends to keep track where we are. Again no planning for stuff outside our control.

I am a Rec player. I am a very foolish player and do a ton of stupid things when playing. I am unpredictable. I also know when to tighten up and focus when needed. I played over 60 tournaments last year and broke even. (cash games are another story sadly). This included mid cashing one that had 600+ entrants and 2 for min that had 300+ entrance. Breaking even with my play style is a win for me as it is entertainment.
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