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Re: 2021 WSOP Circuit:

Yea my budget does not count me cashing in any of the tournaments. Any ones I do cash I will use it for my bankroll to pay for higher entry tournaments. My budget will only allow 2 tournaments at each stop and not the main buy-ins.

Example of ones I would enter based on this season which got canceled:
Stop 1: $400 buy-in and $500,000 Guaranteed.
Stop 1: $250 buy-in and $100,000 Guaranteed
Stop 2: $400 buy-in and $500,000 Guaranteed
Stop 2: $250 buy-in and $300,000 Guaranteed
Stop 3: $600 buy-in and $500,000 Guaranteed
Stop 3: None.

So each stop will have a $650 budget and I will use any cash outs I receive to sign up for the mains.

I estimate 3 stops on average a month so $1950 budget. I have actually done very well in these types of tournaments though and hope to get at least one main in every month. If not I am still traveling and having a great time so I am happy. I would just be happier if I was winning :}.
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