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2021 WSOP Circuit:

I need some excitement in my life and decided to attempt living on the road for a year. I am selling my house, car and getting rid of most of my stuff and just going to take it easy.

Next June is my goal and I hope it is normal by then. Even though I am traveling I still do not plan on entering the more expensive buy-ins unless my bankroll allows (meaning I win some).

I am a rec player and this trip is much more than just poker. I will be exploring the surrounding area and finding all the great local food. 10-12 days in each area is the perfect duration to see everything and still get in 2 tournaments and a third if I am ahead of my budget.

I am going to buy an RV and since I am going to customize it I can not lease/rent one. Not sure what I am going to pull it with though. Still trying to pick out everything.

Anyone here follow the WSOP-C and have any tips/tricks to get the most out of it. Anything you wish you would have known before doing it? Any great place to find more information about doing this?

When the weather is hot I plan on plugging into shore power. The rest of the time I will be dry camping. I will also take advantage of Reward memberships.
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