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Re: When and how will live poker resume? Is live poker dead for 2020?

Originally Posted by spino1i View Post
I don't need to calculate the exact number to know what policies are right for society. All I need to know is that its less than $34 million, because that's the cost to the American people in this present scenario.
Except that isn't what it costs. That is what you think it costs based on your estimate that only 50K lives were saved, which is based on air. most estimates put US dead, if no response had been made, at between 500K and multiple million. So, the cost per person goes down. Do we save your parents for 1 million? 500k? Or is your convenience and short term comfort still more important?

C'mon, man, you seem very definitive that there is a number at which we let people die, but you are terribly unclear as to what that number is. Perhaps it is best we err, then, on the side of not letting people die.
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