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Re: When and how will live poker resume? Is live poker dead for 2020?

Originally Posted by spino1i View Post
If you really want a number, theres a 1.7 trillion dollar cost of coronavirus this year to the United States at least. Im not convinced social distancing saves more than 50k people at most in the US. The vast majority of the people that are going to die would have died no matter what. So that's $34 million per person. I don't think a person's life is worth $34 million of public money. Not anyone, not mine not my parents not my friends no one. $34 million is just way too much money.

So, what is a life worth? You keep dodging the question. you have established that there is a definitive number that defines a cost at greate rthan the value of life. What is that number? What is the point at which we say 'You know, we could have saved you, but the bill was going to be $xxxx to society, and we have better uses for that money'
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