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Re: General poker-related coronavirus discussion, argument, and jibber jabber

Originally Posted by SpewingIsMyMove View Post
OK, so in order to get the qualityof life I want, I am justified in killing you? What moral framework gives you the right to make that call for others. And you do realize that this justification 'Death is irrelevant, as we all die, so others dying so that I can improve my quality of life' is almost indefensible in any ethical discussion, and can be used to justify, well, basically anything.

I think, at this point, you are just defending your position that you got backed into, because no sane person could defend the idea 'Decisions that cost lives to save money are OK, because we all die, and I would be sad if I was poor'
The virus is doing the killing, not people. Murder and death by disease that could be preventable with others financial support are two different things. You haven't given every penny you have to cure cancer and alzeihemers I imagine? So you must be killing those people then?
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