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Re: framing the abortion debate

Originally Posted by lagtight View Post
Money is a moral issue. That's why many are in favor of a GMI.
Your missing the point .
Money is not a moral value you need to believe in it or not !
Money exist , it’s a fact and it’s use is not debatable.

Considering an embryo The same as a human being is far from being a consensus like money .....
Im seing myself as having more effect on the planet earth than a embryo for example .
I have a brain , genitals , I can make baby , I have a name , I can survive by myself , I can breath , etc ....
And I don’t agree an embryo should have the right to dictate my life .

If I eat an egg I say I eat an egg , not a chicken .

Now do i agree You have the rights to believe and do live your life according to your beliefs ?
Absolutely and if you are pro life and against abortion , I let you decided you and your family to not abort in any case , even if it endangered the mother .
It’s your choice based on your belief .

But I will certainly not accept your belief , about what a human and what life is , be more important than mine for sure tho .

Having a law that forbids abortion Don’t respect the private life of a lot of Americans women while having a law that permits abortion respect the private life of both parties since each can apply in their own life their own values about a pregnancy .

religion , moral value etc is not a state affair but a personal one .
agreeing to a supposedly free country to let a state impose moral value to its citizen isn’t a democracy and certainly is not a free country .
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