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Re: framing the abortion debate

Originally Posted by Max Cut View Post
They pay more (supposedly) to protect what they have and it's not really analogous to having choice about abortion. It's not like choosing to not pay taxes (assuming it were legal) would remove the benefits you receive (such as law enforcement to protect your treasure).

Btw lagtag , I would as well opposed any law from the state that would force a woman to have an abortion in case Her life would be endangered by a baby .

It’s HER choice first , and I will always give freedom of choice first to an individual before the state .

Like I’m in favor of laws that permit suicide for people stuck in painful last stage of life , like a terminal cancer .
An individual should always have the freedom to chose for his life before the states does , it’s that simple .

The principal about life first under any context is a personal belief more than anything .

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