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Re: When and how will live poker resume? Is live poker dead for 2020?

Originally Posted by DumbosTrunk View Post
What about people who want to play in safe conditions? The conditions currently in place there are blatantly unsafe. No masks? 7, 8-, or 9-max? No dividers? This casino is not even following industry standards when it comes to reopening. They are asking for a lawsuit, hence the waiver. What they are doing is irresponsibly reckless, beyond opening in the first place. A court should throw out that waiver on public policy grounds in a heartbeat. They know what they are doing is subpar and they think some flimsy piece of paper is going to save them in the end. That's the real gamble.

When a business opens its doors, it assumes liability for injury sustained by its guests resulting from its negligence. That hasn't suddenly changed because of this virus.

You wouldn't make your argument if instead of the risk of contracting COVID we were talking about the risk of robbery and the casino did not provide adequate security. (Or perhaps you would be the one saying, "bring your own gun!")

A business needs to take proper precautions to protect its patrons. If it doesn't, fine -- pay up or lose customers, go out of business. This casino is not doing what most others are doing. It's breaching its duty of care. Period.
You must be a liberal. If a place wasn't safe and I felt the need to bring a gun, hmmmmm, let me see, I WOULDN'T GO THERE.

Have fun - stay at home please - for your own sanity.
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