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Re: Post any public cardroom reopenings here (updated list in first post)

Originally Posted by DumbosTrunk View Post
I love the casino that says: we're taking relatively few precautions, but please sign a liability waiver so that if you get COVID as a result of our lackluster containment efforts, you can't sue us for blatantly breaching the industry standard of care on reopening as safely as possible. It's not a good look.

I hope that card room gets ZERO business, because they clearly don't give a damn about anyone's health -- even less than those that are opening so prematurely to begin with.
I see so many people with this attitude. If you are afraid, don't want to get sick, paranoid, nervous, whatever, DON'T F'IN PLAY.

I am so sick of this crap - stay inside your house and curl up in a ball please - come out when the vaccine is done.
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