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Re: framing the abortion debate

Originally Posted by lagtight View Post
"morality based belief" = True. Just like virtually every law on the books, a law prohibiting abortion is morality based. I hear morality based arguments all the time IN FAVOR of abortion rights. And M4A, and a bunch of stuff.

"no scientific basis" = False, in my opinion. A human life exists at conception.

"no legal standing" = Unless Roe v. Wade is overturned, this statement is correct.

"no practicality" = Time will tell.

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That’s the problem ...
Scientific is not an opinion ....
You keep interfering a lot of your argument with : in your opinion .

So yes you impose your moral , religion or w.e you want to call it, values on others , which is subjective .

Is it wrong to impose a moral truth by law ?
Not necessarily, it depends in which society you live in .
The problem lies about where society has grown in their values .

When you have a subjective truth that ain’t accepted by at least half the population, it certainly ain’t right to impose such a law .
Only society that are lead by communist, totalitarian, dictatorship or theocracy values, does this .

But in a democracy , the state shouldn’t impose an arbitrary belief, truth, value ( since like 50% of the population doesn’t share that truth ) by law , clearly.

That’s how a democratic society evolve with time ( and not enclosed in non sense religion belief written by a book 2000 or more years ago and prevent society to evolve and adapt to new reality of its environment, or a political vision like communism ,etc.) , that’s how you see laws changed based on its population values that try to respect the majority of its citizen .
It helps as well the cohesion of society ...

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