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Re: framing the abortion debate

Originally Posted by Montrealcorp View Post
A fetus is after around 10 weeks .
I specifically said embryo .
Itís a cell without a brain , genitals, etc .
So itís a lower form of life .

But as long you said , in your opinion itís fine .
But state laws shouldnít be an opinion , especially when itís a law that would make abortion illegal and preventing the freedom of choice of the individuals About their OWN body !
Freedom of choices for the individuals , one of the highest liberty of the United states celebrated throughout the world shouldnít be treated lightly.
Especially when an opinion has different ramifications depending on Which religions , sciences or other reasoning individuals abide to.

Better to give the freedom of choices than impose a view that is far from being consensual because thruth is very subjective !
Your two statements that I bolded literally contradict each other, I believe. DUCY?
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