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re: General poker-related coronavirus discussion and argument - containment thread

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Challenge testing a vaccine for covid would be far outside the norms. Challenge testing is used almost exclusively for diseases with existing treatments and extremely little risk for mortality. Even though the death risk for covid would be low if they stuck with younger adults. It would not be low enough for a challenge trial.

Due to the exigent circumstances a challenge trial might be merited and get approved. But far from the norm.
speaking as a 61 year old with copd that recovered from covid i suggest that anyone who would be a part of this test is an imbecile. this thing causes your lungs to swell to the point that you cant inhale or exhale. no one i have seen has mentioned that one of the factors of knowing you have this junk is that your fingernails and lips turn blue. this is do the level of oxygen intake falling to a reading of around 79 on an oximeter. for anyone out there who knows about those things 79 is like right around comatose and then dead. god help anyone that wants to get infected with this
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