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Re: History of the World

Originally Posted by Lapidator View Post
Good luck with the book.

The Trotsky example doesn't really resonate with me, doesn't seem like much of a gamble (seems to me the Bolsheviks would have accepted just about any non-Marxist means to the ends that left them in power).
Hi Lapidator:

Perhaps. But the way we saw it, very few of the important Bolsheviks understood how an army needed to be run and they were also very idealistic, and having a conventional army was something that they thought was very bad. Anyway, that was the gamble that Trotsky took and in our opinion, it was nowhere close to a sure thing.

By the way, there's lots of other stuff in this book which some of you may want to debate, so I'll be sure to check in once the book gets published and distributed.

Best wishes,
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