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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Originally Posted by LKJ View Post
Jim and Pam certainly died as likable characters along the way, but it doesn't feel like it happened at the point of the wedding. I'm really not even sure that the wedding was the breaking point of their relationship as a worthwhile thing to watch. The proposal was probably more impactful than the wedding since the wedding episode was just a bunch of meh fan service, and by far the most enjoyable part of it were Dwight's escapades. However, it feels like Jim and Pam were still enjoyable characters past that.

Despite the fact that Florida Stanley was GOATish, I definitely feel like the Florida part is when the show actually descended toward being legitimately bad. It was very, very slowly bleeding out from years before, but it remained one of the best things on TV until late in the series.

My vote goes to Florida, with the runner-up being that there was no one jump-the-shark moment where it died. I don't think I'm buying the departure of Michael or the Jim/Pam wedding, just because it feels like there was still strong stuff directly after both.

Always glad to chat about Office stuff. I think the Florida trip is definitely one of the lines of big drop offs. I cannot emphasize enough how much I dislike the first iteration of Nellie and the moment she sits in the managers chair back in Scranton is a sign that we're in store for some of the most rough times the show has.
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