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Re: "history from a poker perspective" - Malmuth/Carrasco

Originally Posted by Erin1234 View Post
Mason, few things:

Would you please post the “In the Beginning” portion of the book here?

It looks like your book would serve as a great gift to the family and friends of poker players.

Have you ever thought about having someone videotape you at a park doing sports and eating sandwiches?
Hi Erin:

The "In the Beginning" chapter is about David and Goliath and argues that Goliath, since he was an old giant -- someone who suffers from giantism -- didn't have a chance. I suspect you think that it's something a little different.

I think you're right that it would be a great gift and would go well on a coffee table. We feel that's it's an interesting read which lots of people would enjoy and also learn something from it, and there are lots of pictures in the book.

As for me being videotaped, I don't think that's very realistic.

Also, over the next year, we will run a few more excerpts in our magazine. Perhaps this would include the "In the Beginning" chapter.

Best wishes,
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