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Re: Hearthstone?! (Blizzard online card game)

I play a lot of Clash Royale, and they also tend to release things in a very overpowered state, then nerf them afterwards. It hasn't been as bad with the last couple of cards (say, 6 months). But before that it seemed almost criminal how they would release a card that was super OP, make a ton ff profit by selling special "packs" with the new card, and then nerf it a couple weeks later.

I think that the launch of Demon Hunter would have been kind of a flop if they'd been in a very balanced state. If they had released as an underpowered class, I think it would feel even worse for all the people that were hyped about it. But there is a, wait for it..., balance between making something "fun" and "good" without making the cards THAT overpowered.

I'd like to think of this as a launch event. Let people craft a bunch of stuff, let it be crazy OP for a few days and watch the chaos ensue. Then come in with a couple of patches and swing the nerf bat around. That way, the people that got in early get to have their fun, and later they can redistribute their dust if they decide they want to diversify back in to the other classes.
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