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Re: From SNE to Researcher in psychiatry

Throughout April, I'll be working distantly because of coronavirus epidemic. That's really good news for me, now i have enough time to write big review of TMS in psychiatry for future book.

Well, what's about my common investigation?
We compare standart approach of TMS with neuronavigated, personified based on fMRI, method. In my study we use TMS in patients with TRD (defined loosely here as non-response to at least two adequate antidepressant trials). I will analyze:
1. Efficacy
2. Targets of stimulation (2 big subgroups in personified group)
3. Changes in functional connectivity (FC) pre-post personified TMS
4. Correlation beetween symptoms and changes in FC

In next posts:
1. Depression - theory of pathogenesis, ethiology (that's very important say before dicsussion about tDCS and deep TMS)
2. tDCS, TMS and deep TMS

Moreover, I will always be happy with new questions!
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