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Re: ***Official Laptop/Monitor/Computer/Grinding Equipment Discussion Thread***

Twistedecho, thanks for those photos. So when you have 12 tables going... the tables aren't small at all right? They look decent size but a bit smaller than the standard stars table size if on a 24' 1920x1200?

I would be curious but anyone here play on 2 monitors and use one that is 24' 1920x1200 and one that is 27/28 or 32' with 3840x2140 resolution? That is the picture that i would love to see side by side. Because i hate making tables smaller even a little. I tried to tile 6 tables of stars and 888 on my 1920x1200 table and even though its not like so small... im just not comfortable with it. I like it the big default size.

Do you notice a size difference when 9 tabling vs 12 tabling on your 3840x2160? Also there is a big difference or no difference if you get a 27/28' compared to a 32' monitor with the 3840x2160?

And im curious if anyone here uses 2 monitors that are 3840x2160? Because if you do... couldn't you essentially 9 table on each monitor and get 18 tables total easily without strain on your eye with the tables?

Twisted echo, you say you have 2 monitors.. one that is 32' and the other that is 30'. So you could literally 20 table between those 2 monitors pretty easily? Say 12 on the 32' one and 8 on the 30' one? I know that if you tried to put that many tables on each of the 24' 1920x1200 monitors... it would be hard because tables are way too tiny.
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