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Re: From SNE to Researcher in psychiatry

Originally Posted by gregorio View Post
Will TMS become the standard brain stimulation therapy for depression? It seems much more patient friendly than ECT and almost as effective. It's hard to imagine why anyone would choose ECT over TMS unless their psychiatrist strongly advises it. Thoughts on the future of tDCS? Are there any studies comparing TMS and tDCS in the treatment of depression?
I suggest that yes. TMS is safety procedure and this approach in therapy of depression is being considered as method of treatment on 1st stage

Our old study (2008) of compare safety and effectiveness TMS vs ECT found that ECT more effective in TRD, but tolerability for TMS is better (of course )

We can use TMS for outpatients. Stimulation duration per session is 20-40 minutes for rTMS and depends from protocol of stimulation (in last years we are using protocol with next parametres - 20 Hz, 20 minutes, 15 sessions (3 weeks, 1 session per day) for course - that's more effective). We apply ECT only for inpatients, because we should supervise of statement patiens in 2 hours after procedure. ECT is performed using anesthesia.

TMS, unlike ECT, is performed without special premedication/anesthesia. Main side effects are headache and dizziness after TMS. The severity of side effects is usually insignificant.

About tDCS i'll say more in next posts. It's very perspective approach for treatment depression, especially with neuronavigation based on individual fMRI.
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