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Re: Mastering Mental Game and Mental Health

March results

Well, what a weird month for the world. I won't harp on about the virus specifically, but I have found a good rhythm of home workouts/yoga/meditation on the daily which I'm feeling great for. The launch of the site has resulted in way more interest than I had anticipated, too, which is super cool. Also thanks to those of you who messaged me about the pod!

I managed to play a whopping 44k hands (almost as much as a full-time player ), which is my highest volume month in the past 12 months. Also did a really good amount of off table work and dissertation/case study writing (have MANY deadlines coming up in the next two months). Here's the graph

We had some decent winnings. As you can see I lost about 22bi in the past 5 days. That said, and given the current circumstance, I feel I dealt with it as professionally as I ever have - stayed with the feeling of losing and took regular breaks to breathe etc without just powering on mindlessly/dissociating from the reality. Really thrilled about that.

I imagine April is going to look exactly the same as March. Grind, write, therapy - rinse and repeat.

Hoping that everyone is managing to find some kind of balance right now.

gl and peace <3
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