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Re: *** Chess Low Content Thread ***

Originally Posted by tchaz View Post
Aiiight. So .. found it. Mar 21st @ 3.51 & change

context: Jan, Magnus & Peter commentating on Ding-Giri and Magnus & Peter criticising Giri playing n. ... c4

Jan reading the chat: "must be so many moments of disappointment rooting for Anish, Jan. "

Jan: "Yeah, but I'm like a New York Knicks fan. I'm not leaving the Anish corner. No worries. We're with you Girinho."

Magnus: "Even if you get kicked out of the arena(?)."

Jan: "Especially then. Not if they make me use a different entrance [though]. That's crossing a line."

Magnus: "That is crossing a line."

[cut-away to Peter: looks completely blank.]
Okay that is pretty funny. lolol

Thx for finding it for me.

Originally Posted by grando1.0 View Post
Dunno if you missed it but Magnus pretty much came out on coverage (and doubled down on Twitter) saying Rajabov was scared of playing the Candidates and used corona as an excuse
I see he's taking lessons from Giri's school of trolling here.

However this troll is in terribly bad taste.

Radjabov was the only one in all of this with the ****ing foresight to see what would happen. If he isn't included in this event when it resumes then he should sue FIDE for +millions and bankrupt them.
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