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Re: *** Chess Low Content Thread ***

Originally Posted by All-inMcLovin View Post
lol im not up to it

What did he say!?
Aiiight. So .. found it. Mar 21st @ 3.51 & change

context: Jan, Magnus & Peter commentating on Ding-Giri and Magnus & Peter criticising Giri playing n. ... c4

Jan reading the chat: "must be so many moments of disappointment rooting for Anish, Jan. "

Jan: "Yeah, but I'm like a New York Knicks fan. I'm not leaving the Anish corner. No worries. We're with you Girinho."

Magnus: "Even if you get kicked out of the arena(?)."

Jan: "Especially then. Not if they make me use a different entrance [though]. That's crossing a line."

Magnus: "That is crossing a line."

[cut-away to Peter: looks completely blank.]

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