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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

With nfl being the only sports doing anything right now I read into it more. It's amazing that it's a near perfect split between "Superstars that already have boatloads wanting to say no because they don't get enough" and "Fringe players wanting to say yes to have something in the 1-3 years left they have in the league".

Incredible to watch multi millionaires piss and moan about the majority of players making near league min getting 20% increases + additional roster slots letting more people make that. Oh man, richard sherman can't get a second boat. Poor fellow. Oh damn, Aaron Rogers salary will only increase by like 1.4 million just by this passing thanks to a 17th game. How's he gonna manage?

As is tradition: Those that have try their damnedest to ensure those that don't can't get there too.
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