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Re: *** Chess Low Content Thread ***

Originally Posted by All-inMcLovin View Post
Magnus is bored with chess imo.

He's gonna lose the title and within 3 years he will have quit competitive chess.
I feel like it's seemed like he was getting burned out and bored a number of times, and yet he still keeps going.

I was worried leading up to, and during the Caruana-match especially as it seemed like Magnus doubted himself and had lost his edge, but he won that and he's just kept going since.

And 2019 was one of his best years - triple crown and record no-losing streak. He's been seemingly borderline burned out and bored for so long now, and yet he just keeps owning.

Also, I don't really see what other venues he'd go for - obviously he has a ton of options and stuff he could do, but he kinda seems made for chess.
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