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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Jason's was a surprisingly great write-out for me given that he always tended to be my least favorite of the main characters. Loved his parts in this. Chidi and Michael were even better, though that was more expected since I always loved those two.

The structure was very similar to the Parks and Rec finale, which makes it an easier direct comparison than other finales. I rewatched Parks in the past year, and while I had already remembered it having a strong finale, I was struck a lot more by its greatness on second go.

I like Brooklyn 99 and do recommend watching it, but it has maybe 5% of the heart that these other Schur shows have; it's much closer to pure slapstick (which is fun, but just know what you're getting into). I think "workplace comedy" is probably a more apt description than "cop show" too FWIW, though they do use crime-solving to drive episodes.
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