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Re: Mastering Mental Game and Mental Health

January Results

Sup! January all wrapped up and we had a winner. Feels kinda weird to have had several months of variance free grind - long may it continue! Played a good mix of 500 and 1k, zoom and regular. My study has been lower than usual but that's simple unavoidable with university work and other stuff.

Also I was due to move into my new house on the 7th feb - contracts signed, holding fee paid, references done and then the ultimate bad beat happened... So we’re arranging our bills for the new place and my job is internet. Looking for internet and everything is coming back with super slow speeds. Turns out the flats in this building have some kinda dead zone for internet. Can’t get fibre and the fastest speeds are 11mbps download and 1mbps upload.... given I’m gunna be doing Skype calls for therapy sessions and poker, last night i had to back out of the tenancy. It's totally nuts that in this day and age, in London there are still places that can't offer fastest internet services. Fortunately my holding deposit was only 415 cus i won't be getting that back.

Anyway, I'm gunna basically be homeless as of next weekend haha. Will have to put my stuff in storage and crash at my gf's place - no space for a desk or anything unfortunately.

Enough of that, results!

Stake breakdown

Will get back on the house search this weekend/week but i imagine volume is gunna be looooow.

Hope people crushed jan and gl is feb!

peace <3

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