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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

The HIMYM writers have mentioned that the initial pitch was 3 seasons: Meeting and starting to date Robin, Dating and eventual breakup, Moving on to other people only to realize later in life that they were right for each other. Basically everything after season 2 was "treading water" compared to the original idea. I think if the story was more tightly broken down like that then it would have come off fine. As it was, there was so much "filler" that changed all the characters after season 2 that it no longer made sense (and the Barney/Robin stuff was so pointless in the grand scheme of things). I loved a lot about that series early seasons though.

After having a full day on it, I think The Good Place's finale is perfect. I don't think any finale I've ever seen wrapped things up in such a satisfactory way before. Even more than Parks (even if you consider Unity Concert the finale, my opinion holds).
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