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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Since Disney+ dropped, been attempting a chronological watch of the classic Disney animated feature films, as I haven't seen most of them since childhood. So far:

Snow White - still a great achievement that holds up as one of the best they've done. Grumpy is my spirit animal.
Pinocchio - very good; far better than I remembered it being.
Fantasia - great stuff, though I've watched this a bunch of times over the years so I already knew what I thought of it.
Dumbo - worthless; worse than I remembered it being.
Bambi - pretty decent; I was ready to be pretty tough on this one because deer are oversized pests and I've always blamed this movie for humanizing them, but I did basically enjoy it.
Cinderella - meh; not my thing. Seems like a pretty big plot hole that the glass slipper survived midnight when nothing else did.
Alice in Wonderland - great stuff; one of their best. They did reasonable justice to Lewis Carroll's brilliant book, which I highly recommend to all.
Peter Pan - weaker than most so far in the chronological watch. Had its moments, but I mostly wasn't entertained. Includes the funny disclaimer for "tobacco depictions," but neglects to mention "btw we get super racist in this one."
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