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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Well yeah, on a 53-man roster I'm not sure that anyone fields a team that could pass any reasonable purity test if we knew more about every player. The Frank Clark example, when the rest of the league passed on him and then the Seahawks got him well into the second round - fully recognized to be a steal from a talent standpoint, but pretty odious from a moral standpoint - was the moment where I couldn't even suspend disbelief and see my team's organization as having any sort of upper hand in terms of decency. Carroll and Schneider went out there and tried some unbelievably transparent spin about how they really do care about domestic violence, etc., but the only ones who bought that were people who were desperate to stick their heads in the sand.

I always think of a relatively minor moment from the movie The Contender, when the operatives trying to help push Joan Allen's confirmation as VP through were talking about employing some nasty tactics against the other side. Allen said (paraphrase), "If we start doing things like this, we're no better than they are." Sam Elliott responded incredulously and matter-of-factly, "We ARE no better than they are!" Obviously there are big problems with both-sidesing things and drawing false equivalencies, but at the same time a person should allow themselves to admit that most people, most organizations, and most businesses that they support do some dirty **** that a person shouldn't have any interest in defending, and also shouldn't let themselves look away from.
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