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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

It's funny that I mentioned the two examples above (Steelers over Cards and Ravens over Niners) and glossed right past last year, when I rooted hard for the Patriots to beat the Rams. That was no problem for me at all, particularly given the effect you named: we already live in a world where Brady has a bunch of rings, so who cares about one more?

I'm pretty sure the Niners haven't won a SB since Bob Holly and the 123 Kid were at the Royal Rumble comparing themselves to the San Diego Chargers right before the Niners kicked the **** out of the Chargers in the SB the following week, so that's 25 years now. It's a much more comfortable world when they're relying on counting rings from a quarter-century ago to brag. Anyway, while being an offensive xenophobic douchebag is, I suppose, a lesser evil than being violent against women, I would still note Nick Bosa as an example of a current Niners player who is massively unlikable.

Again though, this is a relatively dull level of hate-rooting compared to some of the prior examples. There was some extra oomph in Steelers over Cards and Patriots over Rams because I was not only agitated by the thought of a division rival shipping a Super Bowl, but was super ****ing agitated that a majority of Seahawks fans were rooting for the division rival. Ravens over Niners had the amplified effect due to Harbaugh as stated above, though at least Seahawks fans were all of the same mind on that one. This time, the fanbase will all be in it together again, and there's no ****ing Harbaugh in the game.
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