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Re: Mastering Mental Game and Mental Health

2019 Results

We had a pop off month in December to close out a really strong 2019. I am super thrilled how things went, particularly off the back of last year where I felt that I underachieved financially.

I began 2019 playing on party with the intention of attaining diamond club. That didn't go to plan and by ~March (off the back of a 60bi downswing in just 20k hands...) I decided to pack it in and get back to playing less tables and studying more frequently. HUGE shoutout to clanty for working with me on a regular basis - one of the most underrated players out there for sure. That coupled with living with ishter who has basically been the #1 reason why I'm still even playing midstakes <3. And ofc smit for epic table flaming coaching


I've had to have two graphs cus party hands are from my laptop. But the beginning of the main graph is the end of the party graph.

After the party grind:

Other additions to this was the rakeback i got from the hands i did play on party totalling ~13k. So the total number of hands was ~490,000, with a winrate of around 5bb/100. For a grand total of ~140k. Perhaps my best or second best year ever?!

Goal review

Here are some loose 2019 goals:

[x] Take full advantage of playing FULL TIME until Nov 26th 2019
[ ] Diamond Club on Party
[x] Maintain PIO work
[x] Go on at least one trip a month until the summer
[x] Figure out how I'm gunna utilise this blog for mental game coaching/put together a package
[x] Maintain 1-2 IG posts per week

Pretty much hit all my loose goals for the year bar the diamond club, but I'm totally cool about that one now

As for mental game coaching, my website is 95% of the way there. I also have a potential opportunity to do a video with pokernews for their ig page and also will be doing another pod with the bitB boys in the near future.

Lastly, I've kept it kinda quiet but I'm currently working with my first mental game student which is very exciting. On top of that, later this month I'm beginning to work with a professional coach to help me refine my mental game package and help to build on my current therapeutic skills to be better positioned to work with poker players in more of a coaching capacity, rather than a psychotherapeutic one.

As a final point, I am going to continue posting here in the short term, however, when my website goes live, I'm going to move my blog over there instead. It just makes more sense from a business perspective.

I'm not sure what 2020 has in store for me, but i got a feeling this update a year from now is gunna have a lot of different content!

Hope you all had a great New Years and are raring to smash up 2020.

gl's and peace <3
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