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Re: Poker: Sit & Go / Windfalls Thread

Originally Posted by degenek View Post
hello,i played windfall game on chico network,and I can say CHICO network worse than robots.

I sent all video records and photo I never received the answer, the problem is not solved....

The bots always play at the same time on day , 24/7, never with each other, and everyone the same has moves. They don't know they are stealing a BB sit out player.

I have a more proof in video material and picture ,but I think these two videos are quite enough...

list bots:
hshspower wygrana pirouette,NutelaFAN,Lezlil,bogeyman,abaddon7 pandemoniumXXV

Thank you very much, I have forwarded all of this to the security team.
If you have any more evidence please send it to me.

Kind Regards
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