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Re: Poker: Sit & Go / Windfalls Thread

Originally Posted by BetOnline Mike View Post
Hi Joe64,

Please send me privately all information and stats regarding any multi accounting or accounts using illegal software. It greatly assists the security team.

Kind regards

Hi BetOnlineMike,

Do you think I will do the work for you ? I have done this before repeatedly and ?? And didn't get any reaction from you !! You never answered me, lol. I spent a whole lot of time compiling detailed evidence and translating it and you didnít even answer me or answered with stupid patterns !!!! At least I didnít see a practical reaction - ukrainian botnet bloomed, you paid the jackpot 270K to the bot, in sng double up 200$ 1 man from 6 virtual machines play very dirty teamplay during a year, he had 2 competing gangs in this business. And you ? And you do nothing ! I delete your room from my PC and became happy because I do not see this ****. Now Iím even happier because I see that you are dying, dumbass. I have not recommended anyone and do not recommend playing in your trash room.

Kind regards

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