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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Friend, a fellow Seahawks fan, just defended Mike Pereira to me over text and now I'm on monkey-tilt for the rest of my existence.

It's a ****ing crime that Mike Pereira even gets to be part of adult society and gets to leave his home without every single person who spots him diving at his knees, let alone gets to hold himself as an officiating expert AND GET PAID FOR IT, after the job he did in being the company man for the NFL in the aftermath of Super Bowl XL. **** these people who sit on camera and brazenly lie to line their pockets and never feel any professional consequence for it.

On a long enough timeline, even a fellow Seahawks fan can't be bothered to continue to remember that Mike Pereira is a soulless minister of propaganda who should not only not be employed but probably shouldn't be afforded clean air or water. ****ing ****.
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