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Re: Golf Betting Picks and Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by 4BetBoke View Post
Got Sabbatini, Macintyre, Wiesberger and Wallace all each way. Weisberger and Wallace 2 units and 1 unit on Sabbatini and Macintyre.

Overall thoughts on each way betting? I usually bet so that any each way coming in will break me even, or at least very close to it.

Sabbatini has been out of form and Wallace had a bit of a collapse after a great Thurs/Fri a few weeks ago, but thought the prices were ok.

Sabbatini @ 61.0
Macintyre @ 51.0
Wiesberger @ 34.0
Wallace @ 23.0

Sorry, don't know how to do American odds.
If you bet on an outright winner, do you have the option to choose no each-way or yes on each-way? I think this is the case right? If so, I think the way to go is to always pick the each-way option. Like you said, if you don't get the outright winner, it'd be nice to be in a position to nearly break even for the week if one of your horses has a really strong tournament.

Here's an odds converter:
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