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Re: Mike Postle cheating allegations (FAQ in first post)

Over 60 pages in and the fact that not more than a handful of people have figured out that Taylor Smith is Mike's inside man here, is a bit mind boggling to me. I think a lot of evidence against Taylor Smith is lost by the numerous posts in this thread. This is why I'm going to try to gather the bits and pieces that have been mentioned in this thread that point in the direction of Taylor.

Originally Posted by SrslySirius View Post
Ryan Feldman, who runs Live at the Bike, makes a great point. This could be the smoking gun that someone in the producer booth was in on it.

So if anyone has knowledge of how live poker streams work, it must be Ryan Feldman. He (and many others) clearly state that it's impossible for the graphics guy to know that the 86o that Mike is holding would be wrong and that it's actually 89ss . And we actually know who is doing the graphics that day because you can hear him telling the commentators that the graphics are wrong during the hand:

On 2:32:42 you can clearly hear the commentator (Scott) saying the name "Taylor", he's the one telling them the graphics are wrong. This should be a huge red flag since many qualified people tell that it's impossible for him to know that the graphics are wrong.

Originally Posted by bourrc9 View Post
I also wanted to send a brief overview of what I think the most likely scenario is based on the current evidence. I've followed this thing extremely closely over the last 4-5 days and wanted to share my thoughts based on all the current information before signing off for a few days.

I agree with a lot of the consensus that Justin may not have been Mike's #1 accomplice. He definitely could've still been involved in some way and at the very least, was extremely negligent in letting this go on under his watch. I would say there's a 50% chance he was on it as well, but I firmly believe Taylor Smith was Mike's #1 accomplice and perhaps, the only one.

Taylor commentated on 7 sessions in 2019. Mike only played in 2/7 games, one 1-3 and one PLO8, neither game very deep. There is no evidence of him superusing in these sessions.

As far as Mike not superusing when Justin is out of town except for 2 sessions, I believe the answer to this can be found by the location of the poker room posted yesterday by Veronica.

As she mentioned, sometime last year the curtain was placed in between the poker table and the desk/booth. She mentions Justin and the "gentleman running the stream" were the only ones back there during the stream. Assuming this mystery "gentleman" is Taylor, I think we can conclude he was the main accomplice. I couldn't find his specific job title and am not sure if he was in the "tech room" or in the desk with Justin, but am assuming this was him for all extensive purposes. I would like any additional information on the employees involved in producing the stream and who was located where and their job titles.

Whenever Justin was on vacation, I believe he had a replacement (other floor guy who worked under him) who spent time in the desk and thus prevented Taylor from streaming to Mike. Also, whenever they needed Taylor to fill in the commentary booth, no cheating occurred.
Regarding the not cheating when Justin's not around: Someone actually pointed out to me a more reasonable explanation. If a colleague/boss goes away on vacation, others have to take over their job functions. This could've been the case for Taylor, that he had to take over a bunch of Justin's work and because of that, he wasn't able to do the graphics for that period of time.

Originally Posted by ArtyMcFly View Post
This is from several pages back (it's the T3o call vs QhJx combo draw on a flushy T88K board that Grind on My Mind found, but I have something to add...

The commentators know it's a horrible play and discuss it for ages. And then someone in the editing booth (Justin or Taylor?) tries to justify Mike's horrible call-off by telling the commentators that the shove was smaller than they thought. That suddenly ends all debate.

For anyone with the spreadsheet, who might know if Justin/Taylor was there that day, it's the session on January 9th, 2019.
I think it's Taylor. If someone is indeed willing to go through that entire session if the guy in the booth is being addressed by name, that would be handy.
Again very suspicious for the graphics guy to intervene here in an attempt to justify Mike's horrible call. Why would you even bother?

Originally Posted by Michael Buble View Post
Taylor commentating, no Mike.
February 29th 2019
March 5th 2019
April 15th 2019
June 19th 2019
July 3rd 2019
July 10th 2019

Taylor commentating, Mike playing but not superusing
March 18th
April 1st 2019
July 1st 2019

Taylor commentating, Mike playing but not superusing while Taylor was commentating
March 16th

With Mike superusing in half the episodes this makes it statistically almost impossible Taylor isn't in on it.
This should be getting waaay more attention, especially regarding the stream on March 16th. This is a stream where Mike is cheating for the majority of the session but surprisingly not when Taylor was in the booth for commentary... Bare in mind the delay, Taylor shows up in commentary booth around 3:15 so Mike's god mode should be turning off around 3:45 (30 mins delay). And you can see it does because there's a nice example at 4:08:00, where Frank the Tank tries to steal the pot with 6 high and succeeds. Godmoding Mike would've always sniffed it out.
Don't forget that this is the same session where this also happened:

It's just another huge red flag for Taylor.

Originally Posted by bourrc9 View Post
1) He had a score on his Hendon Mob from the WSOP but I think he was only out there for a week or so as he commentates a give on July 3. It was originally suggested he may have there with Justin but I dont think this is the case.

2) Thanks thats helpful. So just to confirm, Taylor and Justin were both sitting in booths near each other behind the curtain. Taylor was producing the show live with graphics, etc and Justin was watching the delayed twitch stream, commentating in twitch. This makes a lot of sense. I originally thought Taylor was behind the curtain next the commentators, because that one time they yelled out to him, but I think this may have been over a headset which is shown here.
Yes, JFK's and Taylor's booth are separated as you can hear here:

This is just after the commentators told that Mike went to Taylor's booth to check out a hand. Taylor was very quick to deny that, I wonder why...
Please note, another session where Mike is superusing and who's doing the graphics? That's right, our boy Taylor. I have yet to see a stream where Mike's cheating and the commentators communicate with someone else than Taylor in the producer booth.

Originally Posted by PraguePoker View Post
Assuming Taylor is Mike's accomplice, for Taylor to be the only accomplice, two things must be true:

1 - Taylor must not sit too closely to Justin (or anyone else), or Justin cannot see his screen, or keep track of what he's doing throughout the stream.

2 - The first investigation must have been done by Taylor, and he convinced Justin it was a slam dunk and Mike was totally exonerated.

I have a hard time believing both of those are true.

As I said about 2000 posts back, two things will tell you who is involved at Stones: understanding how the graphics were changed in the 89 hand, and understanding what was in that first "investigation" (who did it, what was done, who signed off, etc.).
Yes, their booths are separated as mentioned above. Regarding your 2nd condition, I think the "investigation" was the other way around. JFK doing the "investigation". To me JFK just seems like a bit of a fan boy over Mike and a very gullible guy. I don't think it would've been too much work for Mike or Taylor to convince him the cheating allegations were just coming from jealous poker players who are mad at Mike for winning all the money.

Originally Posted by ArtyMcFly View Post
That stream is really bizarre. I mentioned it about 1500 posts ago, when I pretty much accused Taylor of being the main accomplice. Justin (and several other staff) were away, so Taylor was both commentating and being floorman for that stream. He kept going out to the floor as there were problems. He mentions being overworked and being very tired. Someone else (not implicated in cheating - I think his name is Lance) was in control of the broadcast. Postle doesn't cheat in that session. He doesn't even wear a hat.
Postle mostly cheats when Taylor is in the building, but not in the commentary booth.
Exactly, only when Taylor is in the producer's booth, Mike cheats. If Taylor is doing commentary or being the floorman or something else, Mike magically stops cheating.

Originally Posted by WhirlingDervish View Post
Haven't been railing this thread that closely the last 2 days, but wanted to throw this out there:

I played a session on the Stream on 6/17 of this year. Postle showed up a little late and sat directly on my left, and I remember thinking "ah ****".

But as the night went on, he was noticeably low-energy. I remember he even said that it was because he'd recently stopped drinking, but then later in the night he had a few drinks. He's less gregarious, talkative, etc, it was obvious at the time and you can tell on the stream too.

*He sat in Seat 6, in the middle of the table, instead of Seat 2.
*He wore his hat backwards.
*He did have his keys on the rail.
*He kept both hands above the rail most of the time


Anyway - there are clear some hand examples of him not super-using in this session - the link:

(17:00) He doesn't bet top pair with 10-7s on a 7-4-3 flop - which is the best hand in a multi-way pot

(1:30:00) He gets involved in a pot with his old friend DBL-L (or Rich, on other streams), and just calls a big bet on the river with QQ vs 10-8 on a 6-3-2-8-3 board instead of value-raising.

(1:44:30) He pays off DBL-R with a turned 2-pair, when DBL-R had flopped a flush

(2:03:30) He folds the best hand in a multi-way pot when there's a bet and a raise in front of him


If any sleuths wanna look through this one more, or include it in the God-mode/non-God-mode timeline, please do.
It's not coincidental that this stream was around the time that Taylor Smith was doing the WSOP:

Originally Posted by lvprof View Post
I have jumped back and forth on justin being either braindead and just being a fangirl and not being smart enough to realize what mike was doing isn't possible and him being the inside man. Watching the video where he interviews Mike it seriously gives off the impression that he just doesn't see it and thinks Mike is a God.
I agree.

Originally Posted by ChicagoJoey View Post
Postle asks the guy next to him to show his cards on the scanner - I don't see the dealer pointing this out - WTF lol
Just quoting this for the lolz.
"Sir, would you mind placing your cards on the rfid reader so I know what the hell you're holding. Just trying to do my work here. Thank you."

Originally Posted by SemiFreddo View Post
the changing graphics situation is very implicating
and for sure indicated more people are involved

this is a nice piece on it
I agree. This is why I don't get that not more people are suspecting Taylor.

Originally Posted by ImAllInNow View Post
I have gone through almost minute by minute on the July 18th 2018 stream which is The Impostle's first ever use of god mode.

I figured this stream would have him being his least skilled at how to hide his actions.

Some cliffs notes:
1. He's texting someone rather frequently just before entering god mode and at other times in the session. Finding out who could point to a collaborator.
2. When JFK TD comes by the table, Postle seems more nervous and pulls his chair in and hides where is phone is. Might mean that JFK TD is not involved at least not at the start.
3. When a card reading malfunctions, Postle texts someone and then a couple minutes later, Taylor Smith (I believe) comes by and fiddles with a tablet behind the table and changes out the dealer's headset. Postle doesn't seem as nervous about this event and after a few minutes after Taylor leaves, Postle resumes god mode.
Very nice find.

To me the 2nd clip shows that Justin isn't on it. Look how Mike is bending over in an attempt to conceal that his phone is between his legs. The way he also slowly takes his hand away from his phone... Very smooth, Mike!

The 3rd clip shows indeed that Taylor Smith was very likely doing the graphics the day Mike changed into a God. Another red flag.
Also, you mention he doesn't seem nervous but the way he touches his nose when he looked at Taylor comes across as trying to be cool. Feels a bit like a bad acting job tbh.

Originally Posted by Grind On My Mind View Post
Guys i just found a clip that implicates the graphics department/ graphics guy i think. (At the very least its a god mode fold on the flop that i havent seen anywhere else.) This stream is gold. Mike has a notepad to mask his constant looking down. Look at what Mike Postle does on this flop with his overpair after you hear the commentators mention his opponent doesnt actually have J4 offsuit HE HAS JJ. But look at the graphics too. Weird ass hand as we have cards changing. Why would it show J4 if he actually had JJ though? But more weird is Mikes action with pocket 10s on a 2 7 4 board.

The hand starts at 01:28:20

And right after the hand at 01:30:34 The commentator calls mike a god and they both give him godlike praise.

Edit: If the graphics on stream show J4 how would mike know it was JJ. I'm confused. Can someone tweet Berkey, Joey, / Doug this hand. Berkey has a video out about the rfid and the other hand that was suspect with graphics changing. What happened here?
Very nice find. This hand makes it so obvious Mike is working with the graphics guy. The stream is showing J4 but actually the hand was misread and it was JJ. And Mike magically lays down the overpair.

Fun detail: Who is in the booth telling the commentators that the other guy has JJ. That's right, it's our boy Taylor again. At this point, it's just very blatant.

Originally Posted by fragglerock45 View Post

Pokernews got interview with the graphics company involved at Stones

Technician states:

-Reader needs to be within 8cm to pick-up the RFID signature
-He can't explain why graphics were changed for the 86/96 hand, believes the operator "panicked"
-Essentially he is implicating the guy in charge of graphics or at a minimum saying it's very non-standard
Yeah, it's the consensus of everyone who has ever worked with RFID. There is no other explanation than that the guy doing the graphics that day was helping Mike cheat.

Originally Posted by Loctus View Post
Well, that's that then - Whoever did the graphics on the day that 86o became 89ss is the inside man, confirmed
It was Taylor Smith. Case closed.

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