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Re: Poker: Tournaments Thread

And shortsighted.

I thought most of your criticism seemed pretty valid. Plus I don't play many MTTs or any PLO to be able to disagree with anything you said.

I'm sure if I regularly played MTTs I'd voice my opinion about wanting an increase in the structures I'd prefer. I'm also sure I'd be just as vocal about the PLO cash game bots, as I am with the NLHE cash games, if I was a regular in those games.

I'd like to see everything improved to make everybody happy, but I know that most poker site changes almost always move at a snail's pace. I'm just happy when I have a stable client to play on where I can identify my opponents and see players removed when they're not playing by the rules. That's not always the case here, but I think, and hope, it is improving. Any additional features and benefits are just a bonus for me. I also understand why other people choose not to play here as their offerings are not good enough for every type of player at this time.
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