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Re: Poker: Tournaments Thread

Originally Posted by BumbleBTuna View Post
SO MUCH THIS, BOL and the Chico network are a bunch of frauds taking advantage of the unregulated poker environment and doing whatever they can to increase their margins. There have been countless questions into the VIP structure, the tournament structure, the bot issues, and even withdraw problems with no concrete response ever except for these thinly veiled "promises" from BetOnlineMike. It's been a continual issue
I don't think they're frauds. What evidence do you have to suggest that?

I agree with the criticism of their handling of the VIP points program. The change was poorly communicated and it is taking way longer to implement than it should have taken. I see no reason why they couldn't have allowed us to continue buying into MTTs until the new uses were available.

I don't play many MTTs, but I've seen enough feedback to believe it's a work in progress that's not ever going to please everybody. Not every MTT player desires the same structures. The best they can do is offer a wide variety of MTTs and add a higher percentage of the most requested structures.

I addressed your bot issues in the other thread, but the situation has definitely improved in the NLHE cash games recently.

I've seen very few complaints about withdrawals. I'm not saying any of the few I've seen weren't valid, but to add that in as a widespread issue would be incorrect.

Originally Posted by BumbleBTuna View Post
and I'd highly recommend taking your action elsewhere.
Where would you suggest? I bet I can name bigger and worse issues with anywhere else available as an option for most players in the USA.
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