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Re: Poker: Tournaments Thread

Originally Posted by BetOnline Mike View Post
Thanks guys for all the feedback keep it coming so that I can forward this info to the powers that be. I know it may be a frustrating process but I promise you that we are working really hard to make improvements.

Kind Regards

You can say you promise you are working really hard to make improvements but your actual actions say otherwise. Stop patronizing us. Its obvious what's going on here: You make the rebuy structures worse so you can milk more rebuys, the late game in 90% of mtts is now a 10-15bb crap shoot, and we still have yet to see anything regarding our player points.

You guys are taking every little edge you can get and I personally don't think it will be sustainable. Of course you have the right to do whatever you want to do as a business, but don't come on here and think you are fooling anyone at this point.

Oh and bots are still rampant in the cash games...Cant even play a plo game without multiple bots at the table.

Sorry for the negative tone, but at least its more realistic than your false narrative.
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