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Re: 2020 US Presidential Election Betting Thread

Originally Posted by RhodyGuy View Post
Nice recap. It looks to me like Sanders is a clear 3rd with Warren closing the gap some on Joe. Any clue as to who each will announce as their running mate? If Biden really wants to win wouldn't Michelle Obama pretty much seal the deal for him?
I'm not sure Michelle would do it. If she had really wanted to get into politics herself, she would have started building up her resume by running for Senate or governor somewhere, a la Clinton in 2000.

And I'm not sure she'd be that big a benefit in the campaign, either. Right now she has a generally positive glow, because she's associated with the best aspects of the Obama White House, and never did anything all that controversial. Reminds me of how Hillary Clinton had her highest approval ratings when she wasn't actually involved in a campaign:

Biden, I really don't know. He could go a lot of different ways. My first thought is a Midwestern governor / senator to focus on taking back the Rust Belt. Sherrod Brown, Gretchen Whitmer, Tom Wolf? Someone reasonably young, but not so young that it draws an unflattering comparison.

I doubt he'll go too far left. There was talk earlier this year that he might enter the primaries having already committed to Stacey Abrams, which would have been a great move, but it would have been great for the primary, not the general. He doesn't necessarily need to energize the base, since they'll be eager to vote for anyone against Trump.

After Obama won the primary in 2008, I said that Old White Guy was a lock for VP. If Warren or Sanders win, they're also going to go Reassuring White Guy. The field there is so vast it's hard to name names.
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