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Re: Suitedjustice's Ongoing Mid-life Crisis

A few weeks ago I badly twisted my ankle and my landlord found me a set of crutches at a charity store for $10. I'm just a bit taller than 6' 1" (186 cm) so I asked him to try to find me a tallish version.

He did, only they were extremely adjustable and I didn't realize it--or i only halfway realized it--I adjusted the crutches for my long arms but not for my long legs.

Within a few days I had recovered well enough that I didn't need the crutches any more, but still I found use for one of the set as a noise reduction damper on my wayward flapping plastic blinds.

Only after staring at the crutch for long enough did I realize that they were pre-set at the shortest possible length adjustment for my legs, and now I feel that I've cheated myself by making myself get around for those few days on short crutches, when it was obvious that I could have adjusted them correctly and crutched around in far greater comfort.

A few weeks ago was the only time that I'd been on crutches in my life, and the funny thing is that now I feel that I've missed out.

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