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Re: Poker: General Discussions Thread

My name is papapacker on BOL. I was in both the $109 and the $109 rebuy, as well as both Sunday mini mains. When the server overloaded, due to the $1 insanity I was unable to log in for over an hour. When I got back in I was only able to get the $40,000 Sunday $109 second chance to load. Could never get back into my other games because mtt lobbies wouldn't load to save my life. I was so mad as I was in for multiple bullets in each mtt. I contacted live support tonight. And all they could say is sorry there is nothing we can do to compensate or refund any buy ins. They offered a freeroll ticket to next weeks $15,000 freeroll worth $1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WHAT A NEEDLE. I lost $500+ worth of buy in due to their server issue and I'm told to just eat it. And here is a $1 freeroll ticket. How is this real life. I have played 784 mtts on BOL since Jan 1st. I have generated $5000 in rake between cash games and mtts this year. After being talked to like a dog by live chat and getting no response from e-mail I will be taking my funds off of BOL.
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