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Re: Poker: Cash Games Thread

Originally Posted by valgrind View Post
+1 for rakeback. The weekly cash race is not friendly for low/mid volume players
-1 for straight rakeback.

The weekly cash race incentivizes playing more frequently and less selectively, which is good for both the regulars and for the site. I've noticed several recreational action players who play a ton of action some weeks while in the top 10 of the leaderboard and it's fairly likely the leaderboard is the reason. Also regulars who are in contention are more likely to battle HU and start games which again, is good for everyone/the ecosystem.

Flat rakeback does not encourage more action in any of these ways.

Also, flat rakeback would probably net me more direct $$ as I have never finished higher than 30th and don't even cash every week. I just think the indirect effects(more tables running more often) are likely better.
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