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Re: Poker: Cash Games Thread

Originally Posted by p0ker_n00b View Post
It does get very reg heavy, indeed. It doesn't help that you sometimes have 3 or 4 bots at one table. These bots have a style that is similar to 100NL or 200NL LAG regs. It's impossible for casual 25NL regs to adjust , let alone recs.

So when you say "reg heavy", many times there are more bots than regs, even if you just don't know it yet.
Originally Posted by jonnyreno View Post
I logged on today and noticed an update, so of course I thought maybe, if just for a couple days, there would be no bots at 25nl - NOPE - at two of the 6 tables running there were 5 bots! And at the other four tables there were 3 or 4!

I'm not sure how many 25nl players visit these threads, but have you noticed the new bot? It showed up a few weeks ago and boy is it a doozy of a bot - more agro with less leaks and abso crushing from the jump.
Are u guys talking about 25nl 9max or 6max? How do tell they are bots? I play 25nl 9max almost every day recently and can hardly identify any bots with high certainty, at least at the time of day I play. The thing is, the players u claim are bots could be just good LAG regs. In fact, many regs use "balanced" action timing both pre and post flop. I know someone who tank for around half of the progress bar for every action, but once or twice I saw him using the time bank in difficult spots.
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