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Re: Poker: Cash Games Thread

Originally Posted by jonnyreno View Post
I logged on today and noticed an update, so of course I thought maybe, if just for a couple days, there would be no bots at 25nl - NOPE - at two of the 6 tables running there were 5 bots! And at the other four tables there were 3 or 4!

I'm not sure how many 25nl players visit these threads, but have you noticed the new bot? It showed up a few weeks ago and boy is it a doozy of a bot - more agro with less leaks and abso crushing from the jump.
Hi jonnyreno, We have updated our security and made significant changes.
If you believe accounts are bots or not playing by our fair play rules, please send me a private message including all of the stats that you have if any.
Thank you for this update and keep letting us know.

Kind Regards

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