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Re: What is the most money you have ever won one a Slot Machine?

I am not a slot player, but every once in awhile I used to pitch in $5 with a few friends on a mini progressive slot that costs $3 per spin, and we split whatever we win. We never hit the progressive but did have a few couple hundred dollar payouts. The progressive rarely gets over $1000.

One day I’m at the casino without my friends and notice the progressive is really high, like $1900. I have never seen it that high so I’m tempted to play and wondering if it’s even +EV, but this old lady is sitting their funneling hundreds in. I go to play poker and come back every once in awhile just to see the same lady funneling in her hundreds. After a few hours I am walking by to check again and notice she’s finally getting up, so I decide to plop in and take a $100 shot. It’s around $2000 now. First spin nothing... second spin nothing... third spin jackpot and the poor lady is still within earshot. Remarkably, she’s actually a good sport about it and even congratulated me.

I told my friends, haven’t touched slots since then and am up lifetime at slots.
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